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Expert AI Chatbots

All of our chatbots beat ChatGPT thanks to our expert knowledge not available to the public. Try some of our classic series for free below.

Yes - we build custom chatbots even better than these.


Image by Alesia Kaz


Interview like a pro. We make it simple, and effective. Built on professionally curated and refined expert knowledge. 


Executive Coach Chatbot

Executive Coaching in your pocket. Your agenda. Your big questions. Targeted advice, and only when you want it.

Image by Redd F
Image by Zoe Holling


It's time you get serious about your team. Learn from the top minds in the world on what teamwork really means, and how to make your team great.


Humans have needs and when employers do not meet those expectations, they quit. Use this AI to help your employees bounce back from setbacks at work.

Image by Jonathan Francisca
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